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Tomsk Regional Center
of AIDS and infectious diseases
prophylaxis and control

Picture of building of the Tomsk Regional Center of AIDS and infectious diseases prophylaxis and control photo

Remedial prophylactic foundation of the special type the "Tomsk Regional Center of AIDS and infectious diseases prophylaxis and control" (RCAIDPC) was organized according with order of Ministry of Health of Russia Federation on March 1, 1990. Alexander Stepanovich Chernov took over the leadership of the Center.

From its foundation there are 4 specialists worked in the Center. Since 1990 till September, 2003 the administrative structure of the Center was located in adapted rooms of the architectural historial complex "Usad'ba Astasheva" with total square of 280 m2. On October 1, 2003 the Center moved to its new 4-story building with total square of 1,500 м2.

The epidemiological investigation, organization of AIDS prevention programs among population, medical personnel training of remedial prophylactic foundations were the chiefest purposes of the Center till 1996 - when the first infected patients were detected. AIDS-epidemiological investigation, its scale as well as high-risk group populations involved in the process were based on an example of parenteral hepatite virus occupation. The Center also served as the state AIDS-epidemiological observation department region wide.

The Center works in the following areas:
  • Research and implementation of the complex measures for prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission in the region.
  • Treatment and hospital observation of the AIDS infected patients as well as of other infectious diseases.
  • Treatment of primary and secondary immunodeficiency.
  • Preventive treatment, specialist consultations, and confidential telephone consultations.
  • Organization of a wide range of laboratory research in infectious diseases, including hematological and biochemical tests, clinical immunology, microbiological cultures, and molecular diagnostics.
  • Clinical epidemiology, epidemiological investigation, epidemic forecasting.
  • Organization and development of the HIV/AIDS/IPPP prevention programs for multiple, high-risk group populations.


The Center is equipped with the modern diagnostic and laboratory equipment manufactored by the world leading companies: Rosh, Dinex, Sanofi Diagnostics Paster, LabSystems, Bio-Rad, Siemens, Sanyo. The laboratory diagnostics tests quality complies with the world standarts.

The Center constantly introduces the lattest diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment techniques.

The Center has the International Certificates; over 20 internatonal projects were realized, including those together with the agencies of UNO-system: UNAIDS, UNICEF, VOZ, СIPRA (USA), CFAR, Globus and others.

The Center shares its partnership with the Beneficent Fund «Tomsk-AntiSPID». As resault, new organizations were istablished: Medical Youth Center «Nasha Kleenica», Social Youth Service «Tsvetnaya Leeniya». The realized together projects are aimed on HIV/AIDS/IPPP -prophylaxis among high-risk group populations (the injection drug addicts, prostitutes, homeless and и neglected children and teenagers). An anti AIDS prophylaxis program had been set up for the UIN-foundations. A great attenshion is paied to the work with Mass Media Services.


Post address: Smirnova st. 5A, Tomsk, Russia.

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